Don’t base your relationship with God on the love you feel for Him. Base it, beloved, on the eternal love that He has for you by fixing your eyes on Jesus hung on the Cross.
(September 29, 2012)

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(6/366) looking for alaska (by emiliehe)
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(6/366) looking for alaska (by emiliehe)

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When you stop doing things for fun you might as well be dead
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These two girls make the best moments.

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BTS: Ateneo Blue Eagles vs De la Salle Green Archers Semi-finals


There are certain things I have come to love the most about shooting courtside at UAAP games. Most of these you don’t see on tv. 

That exact second when the crowd gets up when the ball goes in

Cozy moments between teammates during time out

The expressions of the players on the bench. Please note the Nico Salva smolder. 

The player’s expressions when they’ve done something completely unexpected. This is Kiefer Ravena’s reaction to a shot he made from the center of the court. 

The little kids with their alumni parents, whom shamefully know the Song for Mary better than most current Ateneo students

The silent winces and the restraint from crying out in pain when a player is injured. My respect for Ravena was multiplied after this moment, despite having been hurt, he shot a 3-pointer in the next 30 seconds

The bench’s faces when one of their teammates’ is scoring a crucial free throw. Kuya who brings the boys their towels and water is my favorite person to watch for reactions

The glow the coaches get after a well-deserved win

Last, but most significant (to me, anyway): Greg Slaughter’s crazy deep dimples. 

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It’s the possibility that keeps me going, not the guarantee.
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